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currently closed until late 2024 ,availability will be updated regularly

- Art Commission Status -


Currently open until further notice

IM A neurodivergent AUSSIE BLOKE with many interests but my favourites being AVIATION, CARS AND ANYTHING TACTICAL.
I'VE BEEN INVOLVED IN THE CRAFT OF FURSUITS SINCE LATE 2019 and an artist for as long as i can remember. i TAKE PRIDE IN BRINGING PEOPLE'S CHARACTERS TO LIFE and creating long lasting quality products.
dont be afraid to SPARK UP A CONVERSATION WITH ME AT A CON , im easy-going and ALWAYS KEEN TO CHAT!

places you can find me >>

Check out the gallery to see more of my work!

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All prices listed below are base prices and may rise due to a character's complexity or excessive fur colours
Prices can be found below in AUD [Australian dollar]
I use high quality fur and communicate regularly with customers
I'm open to doing all animals and designs

aud $2500+

All rrs heads come standard with ...

  • fully lycra lined internals including the neck

  • Plush stuffed pickable minky nose and teeth (unless requested otherwise)

  • Options to have removable eyelids, tongues, hair or other accessories (magnetic or Velcro)

  • in this package you will receive a Brush [optional], a head, Laminated badge art of your character, careguide and any other accessories clients may opt for

aside from what comes standard with this option, i offer a large array of things such as small pockets on necks, removable objects [such as horns], squeakers within noses, fursuit head carry bags and any other unique accessories your character may have. clients may also choose to have 3D follow me eyes or flat 2D eyes.

each suit is its own unique custom creation, so please get in contact with me for a quote to discuss all the specific things you may want!

What's needed: Head measurements and a clear flat colour ref [must be digital]

aud $3300+

All rrs PARTIALS come standard with ...

  • A HEAD [see details in (heads)]

  • A PAIR OF PAWS [suited to charcter's speicies], the option to add/remove claws, and/or add a dew paw

  • Option to have removable stuffing pouch within the tail [nub tails are exempt from this option]

  • a choice between the type of base for your tail [gore styled, simple patterned foam based tail, or single colour minky base (for clients who choose to have removable stuffing pouches)]

  • in this package you will receive a head, handpaws, tail, careguide, laminated badge art of your character, a small repair kit and any other accessories clients may opt for

clients with large or floor dragging tails may request to add pockets for valuables, a loop at the end of the tail to attach a carabiner, end-of-tail protective sleeve and the overall option to have a custom carry case bag for their head.

each suit is its own unique custom creation, so please get in contact with me for a quote to discuss all the specific things you may want!

What's needed: Head and hand measurements, a clear flat colour ref [must be digital] and ground to waist height for those who have floor dragger tails

Plantigrade - aud $6000+Digitigrade - aud $7000+

All rrs fullsuits come standard with ...

  • all things listed above [see partial and head section]

  • an all edges hemmed bodysuit of your character [can be Digitigrade or plantigrade]

  • option to choose between outdoor paws or indoor paws

  • option to have feet attached [sewn or zipper]

  • option to have free-hanging tail [sewn or zipper]

  • in this package you will receive a head, handpaws, feetpaws,bodysuit, tail, careguide, laminated badge art of your character, a small repair kit and any other accessories clients may opt for

clients who choose indoor feetpaws have the option to get protective sandals for their paws. feel free to ask about specific add-ons to fullsuits such as extra zippers, swappable tails, wings and more.

each suit is its own unique custom creation, so please get in contact with me for a quote to discuss all the specific things you may want!

*What's needed: Head, foot and hand measurements, a clear flat colour ref [must be digital] and a duct-tape dummy *

i do not offer part commissions, i work off my own original patterns so if you would like for me to use a specific pattern for something within a partial or fullsuit, let me know and we can discuss
shipping costs are not included in quote price and will be calculated once your commission is made and packed. please expect $80-$200 for standard shipping.
express postage to cost more.
please thoroughly read my tos before commissioning!

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Please check out the gallery for more art examples

art prices are all in AUD
all commissions are fully rendered full colour pieces
digital artHeadShot - $50+
HalfBody - $60+
FullBody - $80+
Ref sheets - $130+
laminated badges - $62+
{badges include shipping cost and will be shipped to commissioner}up to $10 extra for complex characters
extra charcater +$20 for headshots and half bodies +$32 for Fullbodys and halfbody scenes
Happy to do scenes for +$20
all art commissions come standard with a simple background
open to doing custom designs for +$35 onto the base price of whatever option you'd want the custom drawn astraditional artthe mediums i offer for traditional art are-acrylic paint
-oil paint
This type of art requires more detail than digital, thus it is more expensive. If you would like to commission a traditional piece, please get in touch to discuss prices

i offer telegram stickers and normal sticker designstelegram stickers
1 sticker - $15
3 stickers - $35
sticker pack - $70
sticker packs consist of 6 separate telegram sticker designs, any expression, any outfit+$6 to add extra character to any
+$3 each sticker with complex character
+$5 each nsfw sticker design
-Non telegram sticker designs$25+ per designthese designs are higher resolution and are meant for physical stickers

must be 18+ to commission will require proof.

digital nsfw artFullbody simple background - $100+
Halfbody simple background - $80+
Headshot - $65+
Extra charcters can be added to halfbodies for $35 and +$25 for headshots
up to $15 extra for complex characters
scenes1 fullbody character interacting with environment with detailed background. may include props or elements of another character such as hands or genitals
2 fullbody characters interacting with detailed background
3 or more fullbody characters interacting with detailed background
open to draw most kinks. will not draw anything offensive, illegal or against my own personal morals.

after a more physical nsfw piece? get in contact with me regarding traditional art for nsfw commissions

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digital art examples


Reference sheets

Fullbody scenes

Other art

This is not all of my art! if you wish to see more [furry or not] check out my instagram

©Reckless Raccoon Studios 2023 all rights reserved

crafts that dont allign within the 2d art or fursuit categories
more to come soon..


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please read through my terms of service before commissioning!
got a question? check out my faq section

please be aware i own a cat and a dog. we share the same spaces, so i highly suggest if you are allergic to seek out another maker. if you have any other allergies, please inform me so i can avoid contact with them while working on your commission


Prior to the commencement of work, a deposit of 30% is required.
This deposit is not refundable under ANY circumstances. This 30% deposit must be payed within 2 weeks of being chosen for a commission slot.
By paying for this service, you agree to abide by these terms.The customer (you) agrees that commencement of work on your commission may not begin until half the given price has been paid. after this i will not go past the gluing fur to base stage until full payment has been made [for heads]However, should the customer fail to pay for the remainder of their slot, or cancel the commission, they agree to forfeit the initial 30% deposit and any payments made thereafter.reckless raccoon studios holds the right to alter the queue order based on pay completion. This means, if you are fully paid at the start of your commission, you will be prioritised over those who have not fully paid.
If you have a deadline, a rush fee will be applied and full payment will be required upon confirming your slot.
a deadlined commission slot needing to be completed within 2-3 months will require materials to be in stock already and will have a higher rush fee. i only accept a rush fee if the request is within a conceivably doable time frame, if failure to complete project by agreed upon timeframe due to illness, unforeseen events or other mishaps occur then a refund of the amount payed for the rush fee will be refunded.Accepted payment methods include paypal , direct bank deposits and cash [locals only]
payments must be made in aud and clients are required to pay the difference for international currencies.
Payment plans must be discussed and agreed upon PRIOR to the commencement of any work.art commissions under $100 will be payed upfront however art commissions over $100 can be split into 2 or 3 payments max.

shipping policy

Shipping will be calculated and charged upon completion and when the items are ready to be sent. This is at the customers expense and is NOT included in the initial quoteThe customer agrees that the commission will not be sent until full payment is made.reckless raccoon studios is not liable for packages after they have been shipped, all packages sent are covered and tracked to ensure they don't get lost.in the events a package does go missing, shipping couriers will be contacted for further investigation and clients will be informed of updates to the situation.i do ship internationally but please be prepared for it to be costly, inform me when commissioning if you are outside Australia.


To contact reckless raccoon studios, please use my Instagram Alternatively, you may use the contact form located on this website.WIPs of commission work will be sent to the customer at the customers request as well as reckless raccoon studio's Discretion. Please do not contact Personal accounts belonging to reckless raccoon studios with commission related enquiries.Rudeness, Harassment or any other similar forms of unpleasant communication will result in your commission being cancelled, in which time a refund will not be given. You may also be Blacklisted from requesting any further commissions in the future indefinitely.Should the customer not make contact for a 30 day period, a warning will be given. Should contact be continuously avoided, the commission will be cancelled and no refund issued.

style and creation

By commissioning reckless raccoon studios, you acknowledge that i have my own style that is reflected in our fursuits.
As such, your fursuit will reflect the style of the maker. If you want your fursuit to look like a specific maker's style, go to that maker for your suit.
Artwork, or a Reference sheet containing a clear, defined image of your Character is required to accurately portray your desired character in fursuit form. The reference sheet MUST have a 2 sided view as a minimum.A duct tape dummy [DTD] is required for any project above a full partial. For example, Full suits (plantigrade and Digitigrade).The duct tape dummy is to be sent to us via post at the customers expense. This is not covered in the commission fee. Should the DTD be unsatisfactory [damaged , warped or poorly constructed)] you will be asked to make another, again at the customers expense.Please be aware that there is a limited colour palette available for fabrics. here at reckless raccoon studios i try my best to match colours as accurately to your provided reference as i can, however due to the limited colours of fur there will be some times when there is not a direct or close match. ill will provide you with the closest colour samples i have access to for you to choose from.i cannot guarantee fabric matches to previously purchased items or items from other makers using the same colour[and brand] fur as batches can differ in colouration and saturation.If the customer wishes to send their own materials (Fur, minky, resin parts or potential electronics) they must be of acceptable quality for use on fursuits. Under no circumstances will i use materials that are unfamiliar to me, which will be stipulated upon consultation.
special requests for certain types of fur that are outside my supply range will come with an extra fee.
The makers holds the right to refuse to work with unrealistic requests, for example, air conditioning in a fursuit ect..Should the customer wish us to create their character for them, this may be accepted at the makers discretion. commissioning art of a custom character before going through with a suit commission is suggested, prices for refs can be found here which is required for a fursuit.

refunds and cancelations

As mentioned in the Payment section, deposits are non refundable.
If the buyer wishes to cancel the commission prior to the commencement of work, a refund of any payments made after the deposit will be made at the makers pace. Once work has commenced, refunds for cancellation will not be made, at which time the completed work will be sent to the customer at the customers expense.
if a commission is cancelled, I reserve the right to alter and sell the product to someone else.
in my best attempt i will alter the design as too not be too reminiscing of your character


commissioning clients may not edit or alter characters reference after it has been sent to us ,however any dire last minute changes to character design before any work commences may be reviewed and incorporated if feasibleShould the customer wish to make minor alterations to the commission (such as ear shape or marking shapes, etc) this will be allowed and no further costs will be incurred by the customer. after completion, no further major alterations will be made, however [fullsuit exclusive] if it is a mistake that we have made then alterations within an acceptable number may be requested, ill happily fix up any mistakes I make. Please ask for any major changes to a commissionChanges significantly different to the original request, or requesting additional features and details once work has begun may incur additional charges


While the character remains the property of the customer, reckless raccoon studios reserves the right to display photos of work done for promotional purposes. Should the customer wish to have their commission remain anonymous for a period of time with propper notice this would be acceptable.

repairs and warranty

Each suit comes with a 6 month warranty which entitles the customer to repairs to the suit for reasonable damage. This does not include the misuse of the suit. Intentional misuse or post-production alterations of the product voids the warranty. after this period, should the customer want repairs, the customer agrees to send the suit to the makers at the customers expense and pay for the rate of materials and $35 an hour.photos/videos of area needing repair must be shown to reckless raccoon studios for inspection before the suit is sent back to be fixed. i must be informed if clients decide to repair a commission themselves[or another] within the 6 month warranty. anything sent back to reckless raccoon studios for repairs must be odour free and clean, if a commission fails to meet these expectations a fee will be appliedNeglect of your fursuit does not count as general wear and tear! [e.g leaving your fursuit in a hot car].

rights of use

if you post my work online [such as pictures of your suit or art] please credit me, this can be done via a link to my social's or tagging meUnless specified otherwise, work I do for clients is for personal use only. work you received from me cannot be used directly or indirectly for monetary gain, and may not be used in any way shape or form in relation to business or commercial use.You may not make prints, copies, replications or duplicates of any completed or WIP images for resale, or profit from the commission or sale when resold unless you pay a commercial fee. You may not use commissioned artwork for NFTs/Crypto.If you wish to use something for commercial use, you must notify me up front. significant additional fees may occour to buy rights to do so. If you pay for the rights to use work for commercial use, you will have rights to use the work as you wish for business, commercial and/or monetary gain. As per with personal use, watermarks can only be removed by me and work cannot be altered, traced, cropped or used as otherwise detailed here without my permission.

liability disclaimer

I am in no way responsible for any injury or harm incurred if you choose to use or play with any product you receive from me. Please exercise common sense.I am not responsible for any ill-fitting costumes, accessories or anything that is incorrectly sized resulting from inaccurate measurements, recommendations or incorrectly constructed DTDs provided by you, the customer.

reselling policy

products made by reckless raccoon studios may not be sold for a higher price than they were initially bought for. immediate reselling or selling at a higher price than originally purchased for will result in a severe warning or permanent blacklisting from future work with reckless raccoon studios, suits sold along with other/added items may be sold over the initial pricing of the suit as long it is these accessories that increase the price, please contact me if you are considering selling a past product you have gotten from me.

working with minors

reckless raccoon studios reserves the right to not work with persons under the age of 18 years. i cannot legally form a binding contract with minors, If you are under the age of 18, please get a parent or guardian to apply for a commission on your behalf. i must be made aware if a parent is commissioning for a child.

By commissioning reckless raccoon studios, you agree to these terms of service.

©Reckless Raccoon Studios 2023 all rights reserved

answers to the questions you may have, contact me for questions out of the ordinary that aren't answered here

do you work with minors?

no, not directly as i legally cannot do so. however a parent/guardian can apply for a commission on their behalf

will you work off another makers base?

no, i currently will not work off another fursuit makers base as i take pride in creating all my own headbases to suit my style.

do you accept payment plans?

of course! payment plans can be arranged and are flexible depending on the clients preference, however all commissions must be paid in full within 6 months of the first initial payment.

can i help work on my commission with you?

no, under no circumstances will clients help take part in the physical creation of their commission.

can i pick up my commission from you in person?

yes, in a public space or con, if this doesn't work for you we can negotiate an alternative.

how long will my commission take?

this is dependant on a few variables, such as how large your commission is and how complex, but please expect 1-2 months for art commissions and 5+ months for anything suit related [unless deadline is applied]. i work at my own pace to ensure high quality satisfactory products.

will you make movie/show characters?

i will refuse to create characters strongly based off copyrighted and/or trademarked entities. For example, Disney, Pixar etc. Requesting such commissions will be met with instant refusal of the work. However characters who are based off pre existing concepts [e.g. a Pokémon Sona] or characters who are public domain i will do within reason.

©Reckless Raccoon Studios 2023 all rights reserved

For all inquiries or commission quotes, please contact me through the form below or Instagram messages

Please be clear as to what you want when messaging, as messages that are brief (e.g "hey" or "what's up") will be ignoredif your contacting me through instagram for a quote, please include a link to you're toyhouse or an image of your ref [references for multiple characters]. if you do not have an offical ref any clear flatcolour art will do.

please keep in mind contacting me for a quote does not mean you are obliged to commission.

i typically reply to emails within a week of receiving them. if you haven't gotten a response back by then consider refilling out the form or reach out to me via my direct messages on Instagram.quotes do take up a bit of my time so serious enquires only please.please make sure to include details such as add-ons, accessories, potential features and/or other necessary details in order to receive an accurate quote

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